Darkness Fails GDD

Matt Campbell

Isaac Cook

Darkness Fails

Abstract —

The two brothers were wandering around to find a new way of life and approach a nearby village. The older brother is named John and the younger brother is named Sam. An old man who goes by Mr. D greets you. Your mission is to destroy the spirit that haunts the village in order to free Mr. D’s spirit. You may come across a guy named Mr. Fix that offers the right spells and weapons to defeat the spirit. There’s a variety of choices that lead to a different outcome. Beware of your decisions in which it may lead to a fatal but yet fun experience in either choice you make. Destiny is in your hands.

Overview —

• Player Motivation: The player can be driven by a desire to solve puzzles, and to explore

different avenues for a different outcome.

• Genre: Narrative

• Target customer: The age range is appropriate for all players.

• Competition: As there are many games provided on Twine; “Darkness Fails”

has a unique experience in terms of choices and gameplay.

• Interface: “Darkness Fails” is intended for an online experience.

• “Darkness Fails” doesn’t require any optional use of special hardware or accessories.

Concept —

“Darkness Fails” falls underneath these core tasks:

• Choices

• Progression of conversation

• Changing an Outcome

Backstory —

An unknown source arrived at the brothers house one night and killed both there parents. They

managed to sneak out for a chance of survival. They reached a peak of confusion as the spirit

“like” ghosts left. It left the both brothers on their own. Both parents were saints of a previous

battle and the spirits wanted to get revenge years later. The house destroyed; but, still having their

farm land in tact with cows and other farm animals the brothers venture off for a new beginning.

Bitter the older brother was; though, the little brother had a different perspective of the situation.

He felt a source of uplifting power soon after the spirits killed there parents.

Objective —

Depending on which brother you choose to be, the objective is to find information in the village

about a ghost that causes trouble after speaking to the old man. The ghost holds onto a sacred

item that the old man needs in order to regain peace. Once that is achieved, the old man can

once again remain in harmony.

Gameplay —

“Darkness Fails” is an easy game that consists of a simple animated sequence through out game

play. This includes a smooth transition to each page with dialogue and more choices. “Darkness

Fails” is controlled by the user. In other words, destiny and gameplay duration is in the players


Characters —


John (Older Brother) GreedyOld Man

Sam (Younger Brother) Willing to help

Mr. D (Old Man) Seeking Source of Happiness

World —

The village is primarily a dark place with lights on. TheWorld

sun never comes out nor does a piece of personable

behavior is seen with individuals throughout the village.

As more information is discovered, the old man protects

you from danger as enemies appear.

Controls — Interface

The user causes all game action to occur with text navigation. In addition, the destiny is at the

players discretion.

Graphics —

“Darkness Fails” consists of a black background. In addition, the dialogue will be white and the

choices are in blue. The choices will be identified in white and as you hover over them.


Flow Charts —

Flow Chart

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